31. Oktober 2014

L & L

Great girls - great shooting - 1000 thanks! 
Euch beiden ein wunderschönes Halloween-WE.

26. Oktober 2014

20. Oktober 2014

16. Oktober 2014

Blog Break

Some renovation work needs to be done, to make my BonsaiPhotoStudio even nicer ;-).

13. Oktober 2014

Autumn Sun

Backlit scenes are fantastic but a bit tricky. They nearly always lead to underexposure of the main subject. Fortunately nobody has to sit in the darkroom anymore, surrounded by toxic chemicals, nearly driven mad by exposure errors. Just enter the amazing world of Lightroom, adjust some exposure sliders and enjoy the advantages of the digital age while having a coffee. Yum! ;-)

Special thanks to Petra. 

12. Oktober 2014

Kuchels Warte - Zerbst

Kuchels Warte is an old fortification tower, that belongs to the Zerbster Town Wall. i´ve taken this picture during an e-bike-trip (which was fun) around the 4,2 km long ancient wall. The mighty round tower, totally immerged in the rays of warm evening light, appeared especially beautiful.