29. September 2014

urban structure #7

It´s like an Easter egg hunt in Erfurt City. Today i was lucky and found another one of these window-shutter-figures. 

Take your cam and hit the streets ;-).

28. September 2014


Although at first glance silhouette photographs appear somewhat antiquated, almost kitsch, they draw me over and over again into their spell. This one was taken last summer with an Olympus OM-D EM-10. 
The exposure was set by pointing to the bright parts of the sky but not directly into the sun. At the OM-D the exposure value can be locked by pressing the Fn1 button. The focus was adjusted separately to one of the persons in front.
Before actually taking the photo, it is useful to check the brightness of highlights and shadows by using the live view.

Enjoy the light!

en vogue

When i was looking for some cool color combination in Erfurt, i encountered this crazy shoe. It was gently placed in front of a door, waiting for what? St. Nicholas Eve?

27. September 2014

creamy water

Hi fotomaniacs ;-),

guess where this picture was taken. 

The Plitvice Lakes in Croatia are the perfect place to be at a sunny autumn day. The pretty indian summer like colors are just overwhelming. However, when i was there, no sun appeared. It was a rainy, foggy day with poor light conditions. Just perfect to obtain waterfalls, that look like milk. With the aperture set to 22 it was possible to reach an exposure time of 1 sec even without a ND-filter. Of course a tripod was necessary. The camera was triggered by the self-timer to prevent shaking.

Keep on shooting!

12. September 2014

urban structure#1

Being back to the city, i´m looking for structures and nice color combinations right now.

[olympus om-d em-10, 17mm lens]

6. September 2014

Dolphin Biology & Conservation

My time as assistant at DBC is over now. The eventful days in Galaxidi just flown by. Over all i´ve taken 1158(!) photographs. Some late-night-editing-sessions where necessary to obtain a reasonable number. It´s done now! 85 images are left, which i really like, including some beautiful pictures of dolphins. However, i decided not to post them on my blog, because the (virtual) home of the dolphins is here: 

Without the expertise of Gio and Silvia, i could not have taken a single good dolphin shot. Thank you so much for being patient with me and explaining the „Non-1/1000-rule“. ;-) We spent an amazing time together, facing a reality, that was like a dream.

See you next summer!